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Last year, LinkedIn bought Lynda for $1.5 billion. It's a lot of money but makes a lot of sense. It gives them an opportunity to diversify revenue streams and market content to demos that are underrepresented on their platform today (e.g. college students).
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There must be some fresh blood in product over at @LinkedIn, platform's coming out with some relevance now - rather than staying on that lazy river of ubiquity. Nice.
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Great positioning but is this just a re-skinning of the Lynda course base?
@evankimbrell would love to know more of your perspective and what you mean by, "re-skinning". Feel free to DM me if you feel convo is better suited there. Thanks
What makes this different from Lynda?
Think selling courses on Linkedin is pretty relevant and I can see how it fits with its audience. Cringes me out seeing the term "Thought Leader" though haha. (not just on here, Twitter etc too!)
@bentossell Pet peeve of mine too :) You'll love this: http://whatthefuckismysocialmedi...
@krisryanwhite ROFL that is awesome. I think I have some workmates that use this