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Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
This looks like a pretty clean app. Will probably make it easier for those looking for a new job while wasting away at their current job since you can do it from your phone now ;)
Geoffrey Weg
Geoffrey Weg@geoffreyweg · Betaworks, TechStars, White House
In-line with the unbundling trend that we're seeing with some of the major social networks and media properties. Facebook: - Slingshot - Paper New York Times: - Opinion - Cooking
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Excellent point, @GeoffreyWeg. I wonder if we'll see this happen with AngelList (jobs/recruiting, fundraising, deal sourcing). cc @naval @joshuaxls
Eddie Wharton
Eddie Wharton@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
I wonder if unbundling / single use apps have increased the average amount of apps on our phones and even more importantly the amount of active apps on our phones
Ahmed Telb
Ahmed Telb@ahmed_telb
if we translate this app to Arabic it will gain a lot of a lot a lot of users special in Egypt i can do it for free as a member of app crew ♥