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LinkedIn's publishing platform opening to all

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Just received my invite via email. Currently I publish my essays everywhere (personal blog, Medium, Svbtle, sometimes Quora). I'll start publishing to LinkedIn too to see how it compares.
@rrhoover Any results yet? Getting hard starting to focus on certain platforms. Got experience with Medium?
Interesting. @rrhoover can you share some insights how your blog, Medium & Svbtle perform in comparison?
Interesting. I have been reading a lot of post on LinkedIn lately. Would be interesting once it is rolled out to all users. @rrhoover How did you get your invite?
@michael_xander - TBH, it's unpredictable what will do well. Generally, more introspective piece or essays about writing do well on Medium. Svbtle generates 0 traffic unless it's highlighted on their homepage (which I believe Dustin or someone hand-picks / whitelists certain publishers). @akramquraishi - they just gave ~25k people access and will continue to roll it out to everyone over time.