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LinkedIn just rolled out its Desktop app for Windows (unsure if/when a Mac version is coming). This makes sense as LinkedIn is expanding into productivity tools in partnership with its recent parent company, Microsoft.
@rrhoover I thought Salesforce has bought Quip?
@brendan_o you're right! I'm getting over a bug and clearly not thinking right. 😖 Edited my comment above.
@rrhoover Now we can all be full-time on linkedin :-)
This is an interesting move and I am not sure how this will complement the experience of LinkedIn.
@dominik_kugelmann - Same. This feels premature without the addition of a CRM or something similar
Why would they do that?
I see no reason for doing that
Other than version differences, anyone know of any general advantages to using Windows 10 apps over classic Windows applications or over the website version of sites like LinkedIn?
@wmpitcher From the ones I've used, to me at leas they seem to integrate better