Live chat for Slack, HipChat and Telegram

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Lots of competition here, whats your angle? @stasfeldman
@bentossell There are 2 main differences: 1. We have integrations with Slack and Telegram, so you can choose an app for your support team. You can connect one of these services to your live chat or connect all of them and everything will be synchronized. 2. Chat widget is quite pretty and mobile friendly.
I don't really understand the product at all, chat with customers on your website? Your landing page doesn't really explaining what it is your solving and i'm getting. I think that pitching it as "not another chat client" sounds exactly like another chat client On-boarding wasn't the best experience, sort of confusing but I suppose its connected to me not understanding it from the landing page in the first place. Either way goodluck.
@rickats Thanks for your review. Probably it would be better to write something like "Live chat with your website visitors from Slack and Telegram". Basically the main idea is that with LinkedChat you can reply to your website visitors from Telegram or Slack.
i misread the title as linkedin chat
@_jacksmith There is no relation with LinkedIn =) I named it like this because you "link" your live chat to Slack, Telegram or Facebook.
Did not see any pricing info? Do you offer the service for free?
@marcmagn1 LinkedChat has been launched recently so the service is free now. Later we will introduce monthly subscription. Existing user will have discount, of course. =)
Do you have any use cases/ examples? Would like to see the integration on a website