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Full disclosure, my brother is working on @Point, but @thearchitekt is a good friend of mine. LinkChat is a cool product with promise. I like that it's great for that chatting messaging workflow and feels very 'informal' compared to other products i've seen. If you have 5 minutes to spare at a bus stop, having a conversation about something you've read or a group of your friends have read is a great way to kill time (better than games, anyway!).
Like this idea, have been an avid user of Point on a daily basis and would love to see an iPhone app, maybe they can buy this sideproject to speed that up ;) The Safari share extension is awesome btw:
@bramk Looks like they're already working on it:
One of the creators here (along with @thearchitekt)... thanks for posting @bramk! This kind of started since we were trying to get in to using Snapchat... but realized we swap more links privately than selfies. (or we just aren't very good at doing the latter) As it turns out some people share more long-form "smart" links (which you'll notice in the "trending" section)... and others use it more for entertaining links. Mobile-first encourages the latter, depending on the audience. So we're still trying to think through how to optimize the experience... any product opinions or suggestions greatly appreciated! @Point is a really nicely done. Before the share extension... we didn't really have a clean way to get links in to start a post... Point really nailed that experience on the web.