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Automated content promotion for Wordpress

#4 Product of the WeekNovember 26, 2019
Linkbuildr is a free Wordpress plug-in that takes the pain out of promoting your content. Simply write your post, fill in some contact details and hit publish - Linkbuildr does the rest.
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Thanks so much for sharing @dohertyjf ! We built this tool over a year ago and have been testing it on our own sites. Sites running Linkbuildr have seen an average increase in shares and mentions of almost 30% over sites without it. It's the tool I always wanted; so we built it :)
Nick is a long time friend in the SEO industry and has built an incredible agency and set of tools over the years to enable SEO success. Linkbuildr is something I have wanted to exist for years.
@dohertyjf Thanks again for the support John!
@dohertyjf Yeah, totally agree.
Fantastic tool! Good job Nick!
Great stuff, @nick_eubanks ! Thanks for sharing this with the community. I think the subject line "Gave you a shoutout" will quickly find it's way to many custom "Skip the inbox" filters in Gmail ๐Ÿ˜…
@yuriburchenya definitely, itโ€™s just a default template so users can activate the plugin and immediately use it. The intention is for people to create their own templates that better fit their audiences.
Great job Nick! Time saver!