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LinkBacc is a link shortner that notifies you when someone clicks on your link. The motivation behind its creation was seeing how often recruiters click on personal sites and social urls. When a link is clicked you get an email with the link clicked and the location of the person who clicked it.

  • Pros: 

    LinkBacc lets me organize and know about all my links!


    A few more organizational tools would be nice.

    LinkBacc is an awesome tool to use to keep track of links!

    Andre Garivay has used this product for one week.
  • Luke Bogus
    Luke BogusFuture Product Manager

    While typical link shorteners give high-level analytics about links, the value is in LinkBacc's specific info about every unique click


    It'd be great to have more information about each link click, and also have access to those high-level link analytics

    Can't wait to see how LinkBacc can--and will--continue to grow!

    Luke Bogus has used this product for one month.
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Nick Siscoe
Nick Siscoe@nasiscoe · Full-Stack Software Engineer
Interesting concept, anxious to give it a shot!
Jacob Peddicord
Jacob PeddicordMaker@jacobpedd · iOS and Wordpress Developer
This was a project me and @andregarivay and @lbogus worked on at a hackathon. It solved a real problem I had been having when applying to summer internships. I would love to hear any feedback you all have!