Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with one click

#3 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2018

Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with just one click.

Do you use LinkedIn to find interesting people for your business? With Link2Sheet you can create lists of people you find on LinkedIn with just one click, more time to work on your leads!

Useful for anyone who uses LinkedIn to find people, as sales, recruiters, entrepreneurs...

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We hope you like it, any feedback on the product will be welcome! Thanks!
@ifactory Kudos on the product, Kiani. It appears that you guys are reading the data off DOM; right? What all profile attributes and sections have you guys managed to read so far like this? Do you guys plan to keep extending that? Also, have you guys setup any process/system in place to track LinkedIn DOM changes?
@akshay_singhal Thanks for your message! We are in fact reading the data off DOM and we plan to read more fields if the extension is popular (this is just a prototype). We also track the errors in reading the DOM, so we hope to quickly catch any changes in the DOM by LinkedIn and update our extension so that it keeps working. Thanks for your interest!
Interesting product @Kiani, congrats.
@ifactory Would love to know if this is compliant with LinkedIn terms of service?
@krishnade Thanks for your comment! As far as we understand, it is, it's the same thing as a manual "copy-paste" of the profiles you're interested in. There are no servers involved, no crawling, just the individual user storing an interesting profile in his own Google Sheet. Thanks!
Will it be able to conduct super searches for profiles for example, VP's of Biomedical Firms in Chicago and extract all the profiles?
@siddharth_mungekar1 We're working on it for the next version! 😉