Link Reclamation Tool

Find & reclaim unclaimed mentions

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You can find the write up about this tool here
There goes the tool that saves me 15mins a day from now on. Great product. Just hoping that the filter for "Result Page" could be removed for the next versions given the way it limits the search.
Love this tool created by the BuiltVisible team (@richardbaxter and team) and a few other collaborators. The search marketing world is awesome in how people build upon each other. There are a lot of these spreadsheet tools floating around, which make our jobs easier!
I started using this yesterday and am not sure how I existed without it. Unclaimed mentions are the easiest and often best quality/content links you can find. Here's a fab way to track those mentions down.
Hey- seems like a great idea. Doesn't seem to be working for me. On Windows 10 - Latest version of Chrome if that's any help. The layout is all messed up (in comparison to the screenshot above) and none of the fields are editable.