Free, Gigabit Wifi Hubs

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Project to replace the city's thousands of payphones with super-fast wifi hubs. First hub is live in my neighborhood on 15th and 3rd. 500 more planned to launch by July this year. Pretty ambitious project and completely privately funded (zero tax-payer money spent, could actually generate money for the city).
Super excited to have this finally in the city!
Excited for this as well. Business Insider did a quick piece testing out the beta hubs and they were able to pull amazing speeds. It sounds like you can also set your phone to autoconnect to any nearby hub if you want too. Who knows how well this will work once everyone starts using it, but it's a great move to beef up the city!
Very cool - just out of curiosity any plans on getting some of these higher in the atmosphere. I stay in a unit on the 50+ floor and can never pick anything up.