+ Link

A URL Shortener that helps combat phishing

+ Link is a free URL shortening service that offers visibility over the destination page. Instead of blindly redirecting, it analyzes the URL and gives you the possibility to review the results before moving on. Obfuscated destinations are an important part of phishing. By getting informed we stand a better chance of spotting these attempt.

Really cool approach. I'm always sceptical about clicking shortened links. Added to my tools bookmark folder 😁
Thanks @razvanilin, I appreciate it :)
Really helpful just to analyse links - I ceetainly like to know where a short link is taking me! You might want to give people the option to do that not just create short links @stefan_h_farr Also to be able to do this privately too as I see the page shows "Source You" - I am not sure who will see that if we shared that short link that has been created? Added to my curations.
Hi @krishnade, you can really paste any link there, even other short links and the tool will find the final destination and give you the analyses. You don't need to use the plus.link short link if you don't want to, it is just a convenience if you want to share. The reason why that is necessary is so that people who you give the link to, will be taken to plus.link and give them the option to see where they go as well. (let me know if that answers your question, not sure I understand it completely). Regarding the source. That actually shows the number of people sharing a specific URL. This is interesting because it speaks about the popularity of a link, (when you shared a link the "you" tag appears as well as an fyi). Regarding the private component, I plan to add it in the future, but that will require signing-up, creating a user, having connections in the system, and having the ability to share with them. If we relay only on the link being hidden from the general view, that is how it works now (there is no list of links), but that offers no security: anybody that has the link can access the URL. I really appreciate your feedback, Thanks, Stefan
@stefan_h_farr Thanks for the detailed reply