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The ultimate dumb watch

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    made-in-China + higher priced than other, better options in the market

    Let's shed some light on this. Bags and watches are manufactured in China.

    No doubt their operations and office are run from Hong Kong because the products are shipped from HK too. One of the owners is Chinese apparently. The claim that products are designed in Oslo is fake since it's purely private label watches from China. It's a marketing strategy to use a "European story" behind the label to lure customers in. Would not recommend this label. Leather products are too simple for this price.

    Ozzy has used this product for one month.
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    Defective Product; poor service

    I ordered the petite watch I navy and rose gold. I received a navy strap watch with rose gold minute/hour arms, shiny yellow gold rim and matte yellow gold strap buckle. When contacting customer service, I as replied that after "careful evaluation" thst my watch had zero defects and is the correct one shipped. I was told to enjoy my defective watch for a long time. This is the worst scam ever.

    Jaime Lam has never used this product.
  • Tony KissackAccount Director

    Great marketing


    Terrible quality with aggressive returns policy

    I bought this to wear on my wedding day because I thought it would be of good quality based on the adverts.

    Watch warn once to figure out if I should return it or not. Decided quality was not right, and as per my right as a UK consumer, I changed my mind about owning the product. Returned the item, zero refund.

    Don’t be fooled by this product / company’s claims of quality and therefore price relative te to other watch brands.

    Tony Kissack has used this product for one day.
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    Looks, feels and acts like a CHEAP CHINESE KNCOK OFF

    Buyer beware. Not worth the price and the quality leaves much to be desired.

    Nik Ro has used this product for one week.