The Warby Parker for luxury leather bags

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Jennifer Chong
Founder, Linjer
Hi everyone, Thanks for hunting us, @gillianim! And nice to meet all of you Product Hunters. We're an independent design studio making minimalist, high quality leather products at honest prices. Roman and I created Linjer (pronounced 'liin-yir'; it means "lines" in Norwegian) because we were fed up with the lack of selection in leather goods. We both worked corporate jobs and needed to look polished and professional at work. However, a great, work-appropriate leather bag that didn’t break the bank was nowhere to be found. Instead, we found low quality bags for $250 and high quality bags for well over $1,500. We knew that many of the $1,500+ laptop bags were unreasonably marked up for what they were. And we really didn't like that they had large, conspicuous logos. After conversations with leather goods manufacturers, we learned of the crazy markups luxury brands put on their products. 10-20x is not uncommon. We became even more confident that there was a space to make high quality leather products without all the BS. And so, we started Linjer. WHAT WE BELIEVE IN: 1. The finest materials and craftsmanship. All our products are made of full grain, vegetable-tanned leather and YKK Excella zippers. Vegetable-tanned leather is really special stuff and it's the rare kind of leather that ages beautifully. Our products are made in the same factory as highly respected luxury brands. 2. Honest prices. We sell our bags for 1/4 (or less) of what luxury brands would sell them for. We sell directly to customers online, allowing us to eliminate middlemen and real estate costs. 3. Clean, minimalist design. We believe that high-quality leather speaks for itself. And our logo is always discreetly tucked away. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign last year we were able to launch our first collection, which was very menswear oriented. Our current Kickstarter campaign is to launch our new collection, which has products for both women and men. We're delighted to be on Product Hunt and are happy to answer any questions you have! We'll be here all day. Best, Jenn (Roman is the Norwegian among us, hence the hard-to-pronounce name)
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Gillian Morris
CEO, Hitlist
I'm the kind of person that likes to have few very good things and keep them for a long long time. I hate the markup on good quality leather goods that comes with brand names. @rajaonskis and @jchong10 also couldn't find a high quality leather laptop bag that didn't cost more than the actual laptop it carried. They're making their own and selling them directly to consumers for 1/4 the price. They are currently running their Kickstarter campaign and hit their goal in <9 hours.
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david grossblatt
Coach @foundersdojo
Linjer has simply mastered the art of optimized retail. There is no smoke or mirrors. Their products are exquisitely designed, expertly manufactured and efficiently delivered. The only difference between Linjer products and "fabled retail brands" is price.
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Ordered a few items via their first indiegogo campaign and love them! I've gifted them as corporate gifts to individuals who I know are incredibly particular about quality - and the feedback has been overwhelming. The quality and design are top notch - and the prices are literally absurd for what they offer in their products.
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Christina MenezesDirector of Growth @Decorilla
Love the clean timeless look of these bags!
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