Perform simple batch operations on Linkedin contacts

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I'm curious to know if the recent announcement from LinkedIn on further restricting the use of their API affects your product. Are you working closely with LinkedIn on this use case?
@jimmynotyres honestly, LinkedIn announced that they close API after we started working on a product and we decided to deliver it anyway. So we're yet to figure out how our product will develop after the update, have some thoughts about this in mind.
@jimmynotyres actually LinkedIn offers Partner Program and we are going to handle this with that program.
This is awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. I was a little queezy about giving your app access to all my linkedin data though.
@angeladopter thanks! Glad you enjoyed it:) Like we said, we guarantee 100% privacy. Your data will not be shared. Although I found it quite interesting, that users are so sensitive to sharing their Linkedin data as opposed to other social networks.
@ekaterinaklink yep, people are loose with twitter. But facebook and linkedin arent easy to sell.
The tool for LinkedIn power users. Allows you to filter and message a selected subset of users. + CSV export. Feels like something should be in LinkedIn by default. @EkaterinaKlink what would you do when LinkedIn implements these features? What is on your roadmap?
@nikitakorotaev We wanted to make the lightweight product for playing with your linkedin contact list, without tons of manipulations to get the data. In the future we plan to make Lini even more user-friendly by creating customized segments and notifications, and adding a couple more filtering parameters. Hope product hunters will find lini helpful for working with linkedin contacts and doing bizdev. Would be happy to answer questions ;)