Our AI algorithm eliminates writing errors in real-time. Use Linguix Business to boost your corporate communications. Perfect for teams of three or more.
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Thanks, Chris! Hello PH community. I am really excited about launching this new service ๐Ÿ˜€ Let me tell you what is Linguix Business. Briefly, Linguix Business provides writing insights on the company level. You can measure the productivity of your content creation process and improve communications in every department. With Linguix Business, you can: - Check grammar in real-time using browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge. - Fix about 9,000,000 different typos on the go. - Get grammar, punctuation, and style recommendations, as well as audience-specific goal-based suggestions. - Vocabulary enhancement features include synonym suggestions and word definitions. - Integrate Linguix with dozens of business-critical apps, including Google Docs/Sheets, Jira, and Salesforce. - Enjoy personalized learning. Help your non-native speaking team members to boost their language proficiency by learning from their own mistakes. - Measure your team's writing productivity and confidence. - Perform easy team management. Invite new team members with a couple of clicks. - Keep your data secure. Browser extensions and our web app allow users to edit content without needing to keep it on our servers. Finally, you can always give Linguix a try by creating your free account. Individual members get access to the same tools that Linguix Business provides, except for the centralized analytical dashboard. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
@alexlashkov Congratulations on the launch! Linguix might be addressing this need gap - 'Spell checkers to have parity with the human eye' posted on my problem validation platform - https://needgap.com/problems/120.... You're welcomed to explain how your product addresses their problem, for your customers to find your product easily.
What the key difference between you and Grammarly?
@sattu Hey Maxim, Shortly speaking, we are different from other solutions in several ways: 1. Different approach to privacy: we do not store your content unless you've created the document in the file storage in the web app, and even there we have a Secret mode for editing sensitive content (works like secret mode in messaging apps - you edit the content, it vanishes forever). 2. Help in content creation (a content templates' library featuring multiple essay formats, research paper templates;) 3. Linguix uses slightly different approach to grammar checking giving users more freedom in their writing (if you think there should be a passive voice, you know better, not the robot). 4. Also, we have personalized language learning and more educational features will come out soon. 5. Our price is lower (assuming discount offers and limited time deals all grammar checkers provide).
@alexlashkov Congrats! #1 is a key differentiator. I suggest your home page should market this more.
@dotmanish Nice idea, will look into this!
Hey @alexlashkov, congrats on the launch! One quick question: what the most popular use cases for the app are? I mean, everything is clear with a regular version of the software, but who needs to get the Business plan?
@margvs Hey Margo, nice question, thanks. Basically, we see several use cases for our Business app. First is sales โ€“ with a better grammar your team will be more convincing. Second most popular application is marketing, as poor writing can't get your copy noticed. Plus, I've also seen companies using Linguix for their customer support and even for internal communications. Also, non-native startup founders implement Linguix to boost their communication (both outbound and inbound).
Thanks. It's a nice idea. It of course could be helpful to develop a smart outlook of any business. It's applicability is not confined to Internet, in the startup of any business in branches of business snd in areas of organization it can guide for smartness. Thanks again
@rasal_hasan_lia thanks for the warm words!