LinguaTrip Silicon Valley Homestays

Experience Silicon Valley as insider. Stay with locals.

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launching today, exclusively on product hunt. You can get a $50 discount by using the promo code: PHUNT50 This seems like a really cool idea for foreign entrepreneurs to get a quick deep-dive into the Silicon Valley ecosystem.
@_jacksmith Thank you so much Jack for posting LinguaTrip!
@_jacksmith Thank you Jack!
Really cool concept - An Airbnb for founders. I personally know few guys who'd greatly benefit from that! Dmitry, can I reach you over e-mail? Would love to discuss! @dmitriipd
@yakovkarda thank you for your comment! Would be great to connect!
Love the idea, want to try in other places!
@ddumik adding more destinations soon! thank you!
Hey! It's really good! I often travel and it's look like easy way to improve my English
@ruslannaz thank you! It's not only an easy way to improve your English but the most effective and fun way to do this!
Really cool! Spent some time with the founders and heard the story. Super impressive.
@arjundarora thank you so much, Arjun! You gave us some great feedback!
@arjundarora Thank you so much, Arjun!