Busy language learners need clarity

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Philip from EduLift. We’re really excited to share our new Japanese & Russian language course! Some language learning resources, such as flashcards, are mostly used in digital form already. But most are yet to move online. For example, successful language learners continue to use paper textbooks. Existing online platforms just don't offer the guidance you need to master a foreign language. Once the illusion of progress from clicking pictures and collecting coins is gone, you’re forced to your local bookstore. This is what my co-founder Ollie and I faced when we met online, both trying to self-learn Japanese. As geeks, we were attracted by using technology to learn, but we found that our best results came from traditional methods. We knew this couldn’t be right, so we spent the next few years investigating which parts of a paper textbook could be amplified with technology. Once we graduated last year, we built a team that shared our vision, and combines expertise in design, programming and education. Our team members learned over a dozen languages, through countless different methods, and we taught students both online and offline. This gave us unique insight into the benefits of each approach, and we used it to build a platform that combines the best of traditional and online learning. At LinguaLift you get the guidance and clear explanations you would expect from a good coursebook, but you can read the lessons on a phone, listen to in-line audio, and get regular updates. Looking forward to hear what you think! Once you sign up, you can get $24 off your first payment with this coupon code, just for you Product Hunters: