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#5 Product of the WeekMarch 22, 2016

Lingo is a tool for building and sharing digital asset libraries like style guides, UI component libraries and photo libraries. Teams use Lingo to establish a shared design language, which automates consistency and increases efficiency.

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Hello Product Hunters! Edward from Noun Project here, we’re thrilled to launch Lingo ( today and share it with all of you. At Noun Project our mission has always been “Creating, Sharing, and Celebrating the World’s Visual Language.” Visual language is much broader than just iconography though - it consists of photos, gifs, patterns, colors, UI elements and other “ingredients of design.” For many designers and teams, these visual assets are stored in complicated folder structures and viewed through messy Finder windows. This makes them difficult to find, use, share, and distribute. That’s a problem we want to solve. Lingo was made specifically for visuals. It sits on your desktop, works with just about any design & content creation tool, as well as with tons of file types like .SVG, .PNG, .PDF, .GIF, .JPG, .EPS, and .TIFF. We’ve also built in syncing & sharing directly into the app so your team or client is always using the right visuals. Simply drag & drop or copy & paste assets in and out of Lingo. Soon we’ll also allow designers to publish their Kits of assets inside Lingo so other creatives can use them, and we’ll be integrating 3rd party content libraries directly into the app, starting of course with Noun Project :) We hope by making all the world’s visual assets just a drag & drop away we can not only help people create better designs, but also enable more people beyond just designers to express themselves in creative ways. And that is something we’re excited about. Because we love Product Hunt, you guys get 30 extra days to try Lingo’s pro features! Start your 60 day trial at You also can learn more about Lingo on our Medium post ( Happy to answer any questions!
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@edwardboatman Edward, we're big fans of the Noun Project already. You really delivered with Lingo. Tried it and fell in love within the first few minutes. Great on-boarding, got my team's assets loaded up in no time. Congrats on the launch! (yea, I'm nothing but praise.)
@pddro Thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot to us. We're thrilled to hear you find Lingo useful.
@edwardboatman very nice! I also love the remind me to download button on mobile. Thoughtful and context driven design!
@kovlex Thanks Levi! Our design team is thrilled you made this comment. They were pretty excited about that reminder.
This solves a real problem on design teams both large and small. If this is the first iteration of the product I can't wait to see where it goes!
@goeric and I have been using Lingo in beta at Naritiv for a while now and we absolutely love it! It helps us sync all of our approved assets across teams (not just design, but also sales and account management), and it helps us keep them up to date with the latest assets. Couldn't recommend it more! Thanks for bringing us on early @edwardboatman @geremygood!
@dja1o @goeric @geremygood Thanks so much for helping out on the beta, your feedback was invaluable!
Beautiful work! Love the onboarding, does a good job showing the breadth of what Lingo can help you organize.
Love it! Any plans to support fonts?
@wilsonminer Hi Wilson! Yes, it's definitely on our roadmap. How would you want type to function inside Lingo?
@edwardboatman Just would be great to have organized access to brand fonts in the same place as the visual assets. A simple preview and easy access to the files would be great.
@wilsonminer Cool. Our initial thoughts would be to have your brand fonts in Lingo and then to be able to drag and drop sample text in the corresponding type style directly into the app you're using.
@edwardboatman @wilsonminer This would be awesome, it would be even cooler if you could drag the type style onto text that was already in place to change it's style.
@jeffreykaine @wilsonminer woah, that would be an awesome interaction. You've got us thinking now...