Modern version of everyone’s favorite childhood game “Dots and Boxes”.

Lines & Hexa is a great game for two players usually (although up to four can play), and is a very good game for children because the rules are quite easy. It has gone by many other names, including the dots and boxes, game of dots, boxes, squares, dot to dot grid, and pigs in a pen.

The game plays really well for children, and yet can be played quite seriously, if you want to exercise the brain cells. At the simple level, the winner appears to be a matter of chance; at the analytic level, the winner will probably be the first one who can analyze the end game correctly.

All you do (on your turn) is to join two next-door dots on the grid, drawing a line and trying to complete a hexagon. Each time you make a hexagon, you must take another turn. If you fail to make a hexagon, the other (or next) player then takes his turn to draw a line.


Starting with an empty grid of dots, players take turns adding a single horizontal or diagonal line between two unjoined adjacent dots. The player who completes the sixth side of a Hexagon earns one point and takes another turn(regardless of which player had drawn the other segments of that hexagon). If you fail to make a hexagon, the other (or next) player then takes his turn to draw a line. The game ends when no more lines can be placed. The winner is the player with the most points.


- A perfect family game.

- Designed for all ages, perfect for kids & adults!

- Offline multiplayer. Play against friends.

- Play against Bots. Choose between 3 modes of difficulty.

- 20+ unique challenges.

- Dark and light themes.

- Offline puzzle game. Play anytime without internet.

- Minimalist game design. Optimized for all screens.

- Smaller app size. Installs quickly.

Lines & Hexa has been a joy to develop, and we hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it.

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Great job!! 😊
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@maimoona This looks really neat! Have you developed other games in the past? What made you want to make this one?
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Thank You Jake. I have developed 2 other games before. “Word Chest” & “Seven Dots”. “Word Chest” got featured already here. A Lot thanks to “Product Hunt”. “Dots and Boxes” is one of my favourite childhood game. So I decided to develop a different & modern version and end up developing “Lines and Hexa”. Game released yesterday on Apple App Store and received a full worldwide feature by Apple.
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This game is definitely a joy to play! I love the design aesthetic and animations. I downloaded it and immediately played through like three challenges. Is local sync over WiFi in the cards? I think it'd be fun to play with my wife, but the idea of passing a phone/tablet back and forth seems cumbersome. Also, if you do local multiplayer over WiFi, what are the odds the game is compatible with cross-platform play? Our household is iOS and Android.
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@alexcue Lot of Thanks Alex. We are working hard to implement a cross platform online multiplayer. Which will be simple and playable even without any login. Planning to release before next week end. We don’t have any plan to add local network multiplayer for now.
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I love brain mobile games 😊. Downloading and definitely will try.
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This looks great!
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