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Hey Hunters, We're finally launching "LINER for iOS" on Product Hunt! LINER is a mobile web highlighting app, That helps you highlight and save text on the web :) I find that I'm reading more and more content on my mobile. While I could simply archive the articles that I read, I also want to archive the "sentences" that I fell in love with as well. What articles I read is a personal matter to me, and it's important that I have control over what content goes public. Liner highlights are "private" by default, and you can manually share highlighted pages if you want. You can even share highlighted pages to your friends who don't have LINER installed :0 Check out the highlighted version of " The brilliant mechanics of Pokémon Go | TechCrunch" Communicating ideas online is difficult. Sometimes you have no idea why your friends+coworkers+goldfish share articles with you :/ Highlighting lets you point out as important sentences by highlighting specific sentences from a 100 page document!!! We're a productivity obsessed team, that just wants to organize the web. Which is why you can easily export your LINER Highlights into Evernote! Highlight your favorite phrases from WaitButWhy, TechCrunch, Paul Graham's Blog and Wikipedia. Then export your Liner highlights into Evernote with 1-click :) Happy Highlighting~ Jinu from LINER P.S. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the comment section. We don't sleep, eat, or blink so your questions should be answered fast enough 0_0
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@jinukim21 Installed and signed-up on my iPhone... when I try logging in via the desktop I get this error "This Email is not registered on LINER" - I am not sure whether I miss typed my email or it is an error on the app. Can someone help?
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@adithya @jinukim21 Hi you had a typo in your email. We fixed your typo. Could you please try again?
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@mynhpark @jinukim21 Wow! that was jet-fast assistance. Thanks for fixing the issue :-)
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@mynhpark @jinukim21 Btw, on the app my account is shown as "Premium" where as on desktop it's showing as "Basic" 🤔
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@adithya @jinukim21 Currently, we're opening up all "Premium" features on mobile for a limited time :)
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How does this compare to something like Highly?
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@bentossell "Highly" is primarily a social network. Your highlights are public by default. "LINER" strives to keep your highlighting as private as possible. Highlighting is innately a private activity. Which is why we give you full control over when you want to share highlighted pages. LINER is a service for you, not for your friends. Here's a blog post outlining our views on privacy vs public:
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@bentossell LINER is primarily a private highlighting tool. We only share your highlights when you "manually" press share. Here's an example of a shared page -
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@bentossell LINER supports PDF files. And you can even share highlighted web pages and pdf files to your friends (even if they don't have LINER installed).
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"There’s a lost art of deep-reading when transitioning to digital. The feeling of dragging your finger along pages, the accomplishment of leaving small notes on the edges of pages. A tattered book was the symbol of a well read book. While I would love to carry around three hard-cover books, I find that I’m reading more and more content on my mobile. While you could simply archive the articles that you read, sometimes you want to archive the “sentences” that you fell in love with as well. Highlighting while you read creates a history of sentences that resonated with you. An actually road-map of the words that inspired you. LINER helps bring back deep-reading. We help you remember the most important phrases through highlights, we enable more targeted communication by emphasizing and auto-focusing the screen to select passages, we filter out excessive noise so you can truly focus on what’s important."
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@nikkielizdemere Special thanks for helping us hunt LINER :)
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@nikkielizdemere Thanks for hunting LINER, hope your cold gets better!
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@nikkielizdemere Thank you! I deeply appreciate it :)
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More and more people I know are switching to Safari! I will wait for the Safari extension if it ever comes.
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@iamdeveloper We're currently developing LINER for Safari. It should be out soon. Ultimately we're going to aggregate highlights from every platform.
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@iamdeveloper We're currently focusing on Chrome (The most widely used Internet browser). We'll tackle LINER for Safari and LINER for Firefox next!
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@iamdeveloper I'll let you know when LINER for Safari is ready :)
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@wcm0505 @jinukim21 @mynhpark anyway we can get notified once it's out for Safari? Really would start using it but afraid might forget to check
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@shahab_21 @wcm0505 @mynhpark We'll make a waiting list so people can get notified when LINER for Safari is finished.
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Does this work in Kindle app? I know they may have restrictions on text export. Would be a killer use case on its own.
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@ggnall Currently, LINER highlights do not work on Kindle. We'll try to make LINER highlights work on Kindle in the future.
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@ggnall Utlimately we want LINER to work on Kindle, Google Books, and basically everywhere. You can highlight PDF files here -
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@ggnall Thanks for the reply! I'll let you know when Kindle integration is ready :)
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