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#4 Product of the DayJuly 22, 2016
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Hey Hunters! This is Jinu, the glorious CEO of Liner! We're small team who live and breathe highlighting. (Who should all probably have more of a social life.) "Liner" helps you highlight the web! Highlight your favorite text on news articles, blog posts, and PDF files. All your highlights are automatically saved on your desktop and mobile. We're also running a limited offer. Download Liner today and get 300 FREE coins! (Coins Unlock: More highlighting colors, Save highlights to Evernote, Import Pocket Articles) Please let me know if you have any questions :) I'll personally reply to all your questions! (With help from our goldfish "George") Happy Highlighting~
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@jinukim21 Nice product, I couldn't find the right touch to press with my AZERTY keyboard so I had to switch to QWERTY mode and then it worked!
@regis_arts Glad it worked! We're working with our A.I. intern Jessica to make "Liner" an easier app to use :)
@jinukim21 Great concept! Unfortunately, the ~ key (to turn on highlighting) seems to be conflicting with my Evernote Web Clipper. (I realize I can manually turn on the highlighting mode, but in case you didn't know about the Evernote clipper conflict.)
@jinukim21 when is "Strikeout for Chrome" coming out???
@chubert Thanks! We had a few complaints. So we're developing the option to change the ~ shortcut as you speak!
Please let us know if you have any questions! Such as how do you highlight the web? Why is the sky blue? What is the meaning of Life.
Slick iphone app as well!
Wow! cool one
@shuvokhan77 Thanks for the support :) Please let us know if you have any questions~
I like the idea, but it is really kind of annoying that the extension reloads all tabs when installed. I had around 30 tabs open, and my computer became useless for like 5 minutes. Please give the option of reloading all tabs!
@ltdemian We'll have to put up a warning notification! Thanks for the tip. Extra oreos for you :)
@parkhmp7 Haha no problem. Thanks for the quick reply!