LINER helps you highlight sentences on the web pages and PDFs across mobile & desktop. You can share highlighted pages instead of sharing the entire article. You can also leave sentence-level feedback on web pages by leaving comments on the highlights itself.
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LINER is a web highlighter that helps you highlight, save, and organize your text. They help you filter out excessive noise content, so you can focus on key references. Sometimes you only need one sentence from a 100 page document. Online content is often an excessive mess of information. Yet, there still hasn't been a solution that helps you manage your references. People are still resorting to primitive means of copy-and-pasting text. And there's no way to manage your scattered Medium highlights, Kindle highlights, and PDF highlights. LINER aims to aggregate isolated highlighting services under a single roof. Simply highlight your favorite sentences and they'll do the rest. By crowd-sourcing highlights, they can find out what content people are actually interested in. While Google is limited to knowing what “pages” you prefer, LINER goes a level-deeper and knows what "sentences" within the page you prefer. LINER's sentence-graph can provide data-fuel for AI platforms such as IBM's Watson.
If you guys have any questions, feel free to let me know!
@wcm0505 Hi, Brian. When you share a highlighted section, does it include your comments if you've added any? Also, do your organized highlights link back to the original content in any way?
@wcm0505 I'd like to be able to export my LINER highlights. Is there any way for me to do that? LINER has sort of become my knowledge base now and I feel anxious about having all my curated knowledge stored in a web service that I might not be able to access someday.
Can I use LINER on my Edge browser?
@geraldboone17 You can install 'LINER Chrome extension' on your Chromium Edge browser. - Download Chromium Edge:
Great service. Liner always help me to increase productivity
I always recommend this service to my friends whose works involve lots of web searching and scraping good materials from the internet!