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LINER is a highlighter pen for the internet. Highlight to collect interesting ideas on the web and mobile.

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LINER is a web highlighter that helps you highlight, save, and organize your text. LINER helps you filter out excessive noise content so you can focus on key references. Sometimes you only need one sentence from a 100 page document. Online content is often an excessive mess of information. Yet, there still hasn't been a solution that helps you manage your references. People are still resorting to primitive means of copy-and-pasting text. And there's no way to manage your scattered Medium highlights, Kindle highlights, and PDF highlights. LINER aims to aggregate isolated highlighting services under a single roof. Simply highlight your favorite sentences and we'll do the rest. By crowd-sourcing highlights, we can find out what content people are actually interested in. While Google is limited to knowing what “pages” you prefer, LINER goes a level-deeper and knows what "sentences" within the page you prefer. LINER's sentence-graph can provide data-fuel for A.I. platform such as IBM's Watson.
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@nikkielizdemere What exactly are the changes/improvements in this update?
@from81 Hi! @wcm0505 as the maker should weigh in on this question. :)
Hey Hunters! In this update, we're taking a big leap. We've put everything we've learned while building LINER since the summer of 2015. Literally built everything from scratch, trying to make the best app we can ever create. We're confident that this app will be one of the best apps you'll ever use. Check it out and spread out the words of our effort please :) Lastly, thank you for using LINER. Brian (COO, LINER Inc.)
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@wcm0505 to reiterate @from81's question: What exactly are the changes/improvements in this update? (Besides rewriting it)
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Can liner highlight on Kindle iOS app too?
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Liner 5 is the most awesome web highlighter in the world. You can highlight articles, pdf, and other text through Liner. You can organize your highlights and comment on some of them, also you can share your highlighted article with others. Make your own highlighted Internet with Liner!
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Wow! This is just amazingly wonderful to use. I'm a big fan of iBooks and this just blew it away. Can't wait to use it more!