Laptop Power Bank with 1 Day Autonomy, 9 Ports Hub & 1TB SSD

Linedock is a new concept integrating a laptop power bank with one day of extra autonomy, all necessary ports (3x USB-C, 3x USB, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI & SD Card reader) and 1TB Flash SSD. As thin as a smartphone, it is made invisible when placed under the laptop. One device to replace all accessories.

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Having read your blurb I know nothing about the product. All the marketing speak makes it sound exciting, but the hell actually is it? “Linedock is a new device packing autonomy etc etc...” Is it a phone? A tablet? An HDD? “Designed for pros” Pro what? Developers? Photographers? Plumbers? What is a chunk? Sorry for perhaps being overly critical, but my constructive feedback, write your marketing copy in a way that it can be understood by someone who has never seen or heard of the product.
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@mickc79 Totally agree, it took me way too long to understand what I was looking at. Opening with 'Genuinely new' doesn't even say anything, let alone explain the product to me.
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I’ve visited the site (which is still loaded with marketing babble and refuses to just say clearly what the product is). For anyone coming here after me: Linedock is a large (20,000 mAh) portable charger / 1tb ssd drive / connectivity dongle, wrapped up on a slick form factor that looks awesome.
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@jesse__muller yeah, marketing gone crazy. Assuming everyone understands the product like they do. It’s actually a cool product, but like you said I had to make far too much effort to find out what it was.
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@mickc79 Cam here to say this. Exactly this. What the product is No idea!
@mickc79 Thank you so much for your feedback! Looks like we've pushed the marketing too far. Just modified the description to make it more straight forward. What do you think?
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For those wondering it's an external hard drive + battery + port hub for your corded devices.
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@balupton It's a bit sad, that this isn't clear when just browsing the page. Also the scroll hijacking is annoying. But the product itself looks neat.
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@balupton @benjaminmock Sorry for that. Just changed the description, does it look more clear now? Thank you so much for the feedback guys!
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@quentin_malgaud way better, that now sounds like something a lot of people could want! 👍
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Backed the product on Indiegogo in 2016, still haven’t received it. Delivery date was supposed to be a year ago. Either by their fault or manufacturing issues this product can’t possibly be ready for a larger market since they can’t even get their product to backers out in time. While I still believe this is a great idea I’d recommend finding an alternative solution until they can make their target dates.
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@jchaiken Thanks again for your support! As said in the updates, production gave us quite a few challenges :) We've now shipped our first units to backers and you should receive your tracking number in the upcoming days if you don't have it already. Hope to hear from you soon!
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@jchaiken @quentin_malgaud Are you shipping to butchers and candlestick makers too :-) - sorry couldn't resist... You typed "bakers", I think you meant "backers".
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@mickc79 Haha we need you in the team!
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@quentin_malgaud open to offers
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Hey Linedock Team, in love and impressed on your products and your adventure knowing you're only two! I've no criticism to make except that you should definitely put your video called "Linedock Performance" on the top of this page, bc it's clearer and easier to understand what it is. Bisous!
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