Sketch on your iPad, simply

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Cool! I use Procreate now. Cant wait to test this new app!
One of the developers of Linea here. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
@tgaul what a beautiful app, i'm loving it already! do you have any plans for rulers/shape recognition/tilt recognition? those would be amazing additions to an already stellar product
@fpocha Yep, we have some ideas in those areas. We want to be very judicious about how we add things to the app, though, so it doesn't lose its inherent simplicity.
Exciting new sketch app from the Iconfactory. Optimized for Apple Pencil. Looks great, as all Iconfactory tools and apps.
Such a great app! And I have them ALL installed on the quest for what feels most natural compared to writing on paper and looks realistic to pencil/paper.