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Mack FlavelleHunter@mackflavelle ·
Seems pretty amazing. Is anybody using this for long distance calls for work? Instead of skype?
Nile Frater@nilefrater · Digital Consultant + Entrepreneur
@mackflavelle Have done! Used this to call from Scotland to the Philipines and vice-versa on the regular.
Sarah SharifiMaker@contentrifi
@mackflavelle @nilefrater Its a great app for wi-fi calling when short on data. Calls to other Line2 users are free.
Itamar Rogel@itamarro · Co-Founder, Newsfusion
Sorry if this is too basic of a question, but how does it compare to Google Voice?
Sarah SharifiMaker@contentrifi
@itamarro Google Voice lacks many of the features that Line2 has. For example, Line2 allows you to make calls and send SMS over Wi-Fi or cellular network. Google voice only gives you the alternative phone number. Line2 does that and offers voicemail, free messaging to other Line2 users, auto-attendents, calls menus, etc.
Itamar Rogel@itamarro · Co-Founder, Newsfusion
@contentrifi Got it, thank you for elaborating.
Sarah SharifiMaker@contentrifi
Line2 has been working on its app for the Apple Watch as well!
Sarah SharifiMaker@contentrifi
Line2 has just partnered with WeWork. Anyone using WeWork for coworking space? The one in Soma looks cool.
Sergey Goncharov@sergeygoncharov
Any plans to allow non-US customers to sign up for your service?