Line Awesome

Open-source icon font with 1380+ beautiful line icons

#4 Product of the WeekOctober 30, 2019
Do you like Font Awesome, but want more variety? Meet Line Awesome—a drop-in alternative made from 1380+ modern line icons. Ready to use in one line of code, no matter where you work. Open-sourced with ❤️ by Icons8.
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We love Font Awesome, but sometimes wish it offered more than one style. Line Awesome is a drop-in alternative made with modern line icons. Offering complete coverage of FA with 1380+ icons, you will never have to worry about hunting for a missing icon. These beautiful icons are ideal for use in web projects, designs, or apps. Our production CDN serves the icons for free– just add one line of code and you are ready to go! It really doesn’t get much easier than this. 😉 Icons8 is proud to open-source Line Awesome, so use it anywhere and everywhere! PS: This is our 25th(!) Product Hunt launch and we would like to celebrate with everyone here! As a rule we never run discount promotions, but for one week we are offering 25% off our Icons8 subscription which gives you access to everything we have built (and will build) for $15/mo. You can do it here 🎉
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Some fun stats I looked up out of interest in the 25 launches–– 🔼 20,876 Product Hunt upvotes (870 avg 🚀) 🆓 Every product has had a generous free tier or been open-sourced 📅 The first launch was 5 years ago, which means an Icons8 launch happens every 2.4 months on average (this is closer to monthly in 2019! 🏃‍♀️💨)
@rrhoover what's the reason behind flagging us down? I mean, I have lots of sins on my account to burn in hell 👺, but flagging down? 😆
@visualpharm I'm not sure they explain in detail how this really works, but I don't think that someone can just "flag" you down. I think the upvotes have a weight system, meaning if someone with more credibility and followers upvotes your product, it means more than just one upvote. I think this is smart, because a lot of people try to fake or gain upvotes from additional marketing. Great release, by the way.
Great set of icons! Good job.
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@itsamemarios thanks for taking time to write that! That's how you motivate us, a lot.
Wow! Thanks guys! I cant wait to try it!
@tim_romanse one thing that we, the makers of the digital goods, miss: the box opening videos. I dream about the day someone posts one.
More than 1380? Looks great product!
@julia_gnedina your comment opened a new perspective to me. I think we've got some weird precision here. 1000+ looks good, 1380 looks good, 1380+ looks weird. Thank you for opening my eyes!
Great work, Ivan and team!
@leblancstartup ladies and gentlemen, ☝️this is the opinion of a huge expert, the founder of !