The ultimate ruler for creative people

#4 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2017
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Co-Founder Axel here. We're really excited to have this product be funded. It all started about a year ago when we decided to improve the tools we use daily as designers. One gripe was the different rulers we used for different purposes. So what else do you do when you don't have the perfect solution? You make it. And that's what we did. After speaking with a lot of creatives we think we have made a great product. Shoutout to Julien for sharing our project with everyone here at Product Hunt. We really appreciate it!
@axellindmarker this is absolutely great 👍
Really liking this ruler! Backed it the first day it came out. Something about the fusion of analog and digital measurements make it quite interesting
Kickstarter—keep killing it! Congrats on the success so far. I'm a backer now. ;)
these should be in every university library and bookstore, or at least just the bookstores ;)
Take my money!!!!! 😍💰💸