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Collaborative sketching tool! So cool :) This is now available on the Slack App Directory and you can install it here!
Thank you @bentossell, we're excited to be here! There are two Davids creating Limnu, and I'm one of them. Our goals are to build a high quality collaborative whiteboard that is centered on drawing & looks like a real whiteboard, and to keep the learning curve low enough that first time users can easily & effectively participate on a video chat or conference call. We're just getting started and we have big plans, so there's a lot more coming, but we're here to answer any questions & offer support to anyone trying out Limnu. We'd absolutely love to hear from you no matter what you think of Limnu, *especially* if you have trouble or don't like something, because we really want to make Limnu better for you, and *especially* if you do like Limnu, because that fuels our fire!
Hey if anyone happens to stumble across this, for the next week, we have a massive promotion going to introduce our team accounts. Half off for a full year!