Limitless Stories

Stitch videos together in a single story

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Hey Hunter! Limitless stories unlocks the power of storytelling overriding the time limits of any social story. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat or any other. With Limitless stories you can pick any video, also the older ones (example Instagram permit you to upload just the videos taken in the last 24 hours), cut them in multiple sequences perfectly optimized for the social you will upload. Result a longer seamless story. Limitless Stories empowers your creativity and ability of storytelling. Ain’t that cool?! Leave a comment! :)
Yep, cool 😎
Is this Stories Appreciation week? If so why did no one tell me? But seriously, this seems really cool. I was just saying that I was quite annoyed that I couldn't select some of the vids from the trip I took last week and add it to my story.