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Flat-fee, unlimited graphic design for your brand.

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2017

Limitless Designs is unlimited graphic design service for a flat-monthly fee. Send in an unlimited amount of small design tasks and your dedicated designer will fulfill your design request for you.

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Six Dollars a day? To me that seems like quite the high price when there are a plethora of free tools out there that accomplish a ton of these functions. For my sites we usually design assets in house, or look for common images. What exactly is the unique value I'd be getting from subscribing to your service and how would you help me grow my network of publications?
@tristanisham True there are a lot of free tools but not everyone has the time or the skills to make beautiful designs using them. Some people just prefer to outsource their graphic design. The value is you get 24/7 access to a skilled graphic designer for less than the price of having a designer in-house, or roughly the price of using a service like Fiverr, or less than the value of your time if you were to do it yourself.
@michaelfolling @tristanisham I feel the lead on your landing page doesn't make this distinction clear enough. My first impression was that it's another tool to make your own designs. And nothing changed that first impression in the first couple of seconds (which is usually all the time you'll get). Hope that's helpful.
@basgras @tristanisham That's very helpful and you make a great point. I'll look at it from a different perspective and figure out how I can make it more clear. Thanks!
@tristanisham @michaelfolling what do you mean by 24/7 access? Will I get a designer who works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for me? It doesn't make sense
Hi @jasap. Our support team is 24/7. Your dedictated designer will work during weekdays but if you need something in a rush we may be able to accommodate you on weekends with a different designer depending on demand.
Difficult sell on this one. With tools like covering the social and header images, and tons of freelance sites for the other stuff, this doesn't feel very competitive.
@marccrouch I can see your point, but @michaelfolling's reply to @tristanisham also makes total sense to me.
Looks great if you have a large amount of graphics to be made. Eg a blog post header every day of the month. But for casual usage, it's much better to use something like Canva in my opinion.
@johnsteerfowler Agreed. Our service is perfect for the blogger or content marketer that has a long list of things to do every time they publish a blog post (like create blog post header graphics, email graphics, social media graphics, etc.) I've found it can all add up to hours of work. Our service will help take a lot of that off your plate so you can focus on higher ROI tasks.
As a selfish fan of the unlimited graphic design service model, it's great to see other companies trying to solve the hassle of getting images and graphic content. Our argument at isn't that we are trying to replace the other tools (like Canva) or even compete with them, but rather provide a reliable service to people who realize to grow and scale their business they need to not be caught up in the design themselves. Good luck Michael! And thanks for not ripping off our site and copy like so many other companies do ;)
@russperry Ha ha, thanks Russ! I'm a fan of what you guys are doing too. Plenty of room in the market for everyone!
Sounds like a good value for people who need more than x amount of designs per month and don't have the time to use existing tools. I would recommend putting an examples/portfolio section. One of the top things potential buyers will want to see if the quality of work.
@alessandra_colaci Hi Alessandra, thanks for the feedback. I've had a few people mention that so we'll be adding that soon :)
Hi @alessandra_colaci we added a portfolio section to our website. You can check it out here