Micro-savings app to help you save more

Limitless is a micro-savings app that makes sure that you have enough money to do cool stuff now and later. At this stage of development the money you save using Limitless will be transferred to a dedicated ''savings'' account at bunq rather than invested. In the future some of your savings will be invested into risk appropriate, low-cost funds.

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Great job !! Expecting any iOS and Windows App too ? Hope it’s in the pipeline 😊
@ayush_chandra thank you!☺️ We're very happy to see you like it and yes, it's all in the pipeline! The iOS version is live already and the Android version is next in the pipeline, which we expect to launch (very) soon!
Hey Hunters! 😃 On behalf of the entire Limitless team, I want to say that we are thrilled to hear your thoughts, feedback and comments! The app is now available in the App store and the Android version is released (very) soon. Stay in touch with us to know everything about new features and plans! ❤️ Do you have a bunq account? Awesome! You can download and use the app (for free). Cheers