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Qiao Sun
Qiao SunMaker@bridgesun · Founder, Limibot
Hi 👋 Product Hunters! We're super excited to share Limibot with you! Limibot is a slack bot that tracks your team's time and progress, creating reports for all to see. With Limibot , you can run your stand-up meetings faster in slack. Here's how it works: - Run a stand-up. Limibot holds seemless stand-up meetings with each member of your team. All you have to do is answer a series of questions that the bot then posts to the channel. - Track progress toward goals. With goal-tracking questions, teams can clearly watch their progress. Limibot uses the collected data to deliver reports and insights of progress over time. - Track members' time. With time-tracking questions, teams can record members' working time. Limibot uses this data to produce timesheets with insights about how your team is working. We're looking forward to hear your feedback or questions! Cheers, Qiao
yujing@anja_duyujing · Growth Hacker
Congrats! So glad to see such a slack product on ph. Helps a lot.
Qiao Sun
Qiao SunMaker@bridgesun · Founder, Limibot
@anja_duyujing thnaks for great feedback :)
Charles Cheung
Charles Cheung@hwdeee · Product Manager
Quite a few bots in this area... How does Limibot compare to others out there?
Qiao Sun
Qiao SunMaker@bridgesun · Founder, Limibot
@hwdeee , thanks for asking! Limibot differs from others by tracking progress toward goals and members' time spent. That makes team more efficient and accountable.