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To echo the top comment on HN, Sublime Text is something I'm delighted to pay for and would happily pay quite a bit more. Here's why: I spend a full *third* of my time on the computer in Sublime Text in productive months for roughly 60 hours a month with Sublime as the active window in OS X. GitHub is second at 25 hours and iTerm at 12. I think it'll be interesting to see the progression of the various popular editors right now. Between TextMate's resurgence, emacs/vim, Atom, Sublime stumbling a little, and now Lime billing itself as a clone, it's definitely an unusual ecosystem.
I’ve never used Lime Text, but I really like Atom (and it would be hard to make me switch). Atom is well-designed, fast, and the architecture built of packages is frankly brilliant. It’s open-source as well, though I don’t contribute to it.
Lime Text intends to be an open source successor to the famous Sublime Text.
I'm probably the only one who prefers nano/gedit over the likes of emacs/vim. But Lime looks cool.