Unify all your files across your devices (unlimited storage)

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Lima creates one unique, unlimited memory that is shared by all your devices. After raising $1.2 Million on Kickstarter last year, they just secured a $2.5M Series A from Partech ventures, an American-European fund. Really cool team and vision!
So what exactly is this and how do I "install" it? I skimmed through the page twice, but could not really understand Lima. Anyone care to explain?
@karangoel Sorry for the late answer. Lima is kind of a smart adapter that connects, consolidates and unifies all of your content from all of your devices. The idea is that once you have Lima at home, you'll always the same files (and ALL of your files), whether you take your smartphone/computer/tablet. To install Lima, you connect the Lima device to your Internet router (or set top box on your TV) and to your USB external hard drive. Next, you simply install the Lima apps on each of the devices you want to use. From this point, the memory of each device is replaced by one unique digital memory that contains all of your data. Does that make things clearer to you?
I'm about to buy Lima in a shutupntakemymoney mood. Do you have in mind any online backup feature in the future? A cool thing about online storage is I don't have to be worried about my house on fire (at least my digital files would be safe).