A drone with a camera that follows you. Throw it in the air.

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Little suggestion: plug that to an occulus rift and watch yourself be a third person video game character ;-) Or i dunno... out of body experience sounds cool
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@matgosselin I can't even imagine how strange and amazing that would be :)
@matgosselin I prefer first person, personally :)
@matgosselin Though, this might have relevance if you are in the military, and you do have a third person viewpoint on a head set of sorts.
@aaronmckeehan I agree! It seems better from that perspective
Wondering how good it is at avoiding obsticals in the environment. Things like trees, chair lifts, wires. Anyone know if it has radar or something of the sort? The shots in the video were all in pretty open areas.
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@paulprins "At this moment, the Lily Camera does not have any obstacle avoidance capabilities (cost and design choice). We have found that most outdoor activities do not need obstacle avoidance because Lily can follow the user's path. But again there are no guarantees that Lily will not hit anything while it is following you. If Lily is about to hit an object you can press the middle button on the tracking device and Lily will stop, hold its position, and continue to film you." (From the YouTube comments)
@paulprins @karenxcheng This looks great, but the lack of obstacle avoidance sounds very risky for their core use case shown in their video of action sports. Can't imagine someone being able to notice the Lily about to hit the ski lifts while snowboarding or otherwise. Seems like some kind of housing like this might be necessary in that case: But also seems like a liability for the user/company. That's what I've decided in my 5 minutes thinking about their product with them probably considered all these issues in their years of development 😉 Looks great and is exciting
@karenxcheng you're a super sleuth Karen - no one can take that away from you. Thanks for sharing that here. Disappointing it doesn't but their choice makes sense. As a former semi-pro freeskier this drone blows my mind.
Probably the smartest and easiest to use drone out there. No set up required.
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@titanas This is awesome. Can't wait to see how people use this while surfing / if that's possible.
@titanas really well done marketing. Lily's done a great job of helping consumers see how this could fit into their lives. That snowboarding demo sold me in the first 30 seconds. ;)
@aub it's amazing and can create a whole new category of high quality DIY film makers.
Can it run periscope?!
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@samuelbeek according go their specs page not right now. The Lily app currently supports: Change camera settings, Create custom shots, Edit and share content
@samuelbeek Lily + Periscope = lifechanging....we wont need facebook anymore...friends can just log in to our "always on" feed!
This is awesome! Only if it could avoid obstacles... Periscope on Lily is a perfect use case for the new gen. Looking forward to the release.
Put the tracker in an unknowing friend's backpack and watch them freakout as they try to run away from skynet
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