Powerful life-changer πŸš€1-minute workout, meditation and AI

Lilo is created to help people take their lives to a new level. This powerful framework combines 1-minute workouts and special meditations using AI, based on scientifically proven and tested methods.

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Research shows that approaches like this are very effective at building habits. Rooting for you!
@dilan Thanks πŸ™‚ Most of people stop doing activities after the first month. Our approach is based on the work of the author Charles Duhigg "The Power of Habit". I am very interested to find out if you had any experience when you started doing activities, and soon stopped finding time for them?
Hi ProductHunters πŸ‘‹, I’m Founder at Lilo! With Lilo you can easily change your life. This application is designed specifically for regular people. Just schedule your morning 1-minute morning workouts and special meditations in the evening. This is a very simple and incredibly powerful technique. Your feedback is welcome!
@alexmalkovich nice tool! And what is the date of publish your apps?
@new_user_feaf015fc3 thanks! we are working hard and trying to release in the end of December. Good news that we are developing Android and iOS apps simultaneously
@alexmalkovich Hi Alex! This looks cool. How is the app specifically designed for regular people? And what's the advantage of scheduling the workouts and meditations in the evening?
@alexmalkovich congrats on your PH listing, Lilo looks great! We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Lilo at please PM me at for more details
Greetings! Really excited about that AI thing, how does it work?
@ignat_sachivko we collect your base parameters like gender, energy level and so on. After that, we analyze how do feel after every activity. On this data of your and other users, our system is learning and suggest to you the most effective activities after that you will get the best feeling
Why I need use this app instead of another popular meditation or workout app?
@black_bear We do not sell the opportunity to engage in activities, as do other products, we want to embed in the DNA of our users the desire to become better every day
@alexmalkovich is there a possibility to somehow share / compare own stats or achievements with friends?
@ignat_sachivko we thought about that :) we will add this in the some of the next release