Your sidekick for home-grown greens (Pre-launch)

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Bonjour Product Hunters, Meet Lilo, your sidekick for home-grown greens.  1. Lilo is simple: just insert the capsule and top up with water every few days. 2. Lilo is very efficient: our patented system gives you healthy herbs that you can prune regularly for your cooking needs. 3. Lilo tracks your plants in real-time : our mix of sensors and image processing algorithms tells you how your plants are doing and adapts the growing conditions to its needs. You'll get growing and cooking tips just when you need them (eg. your Mojito recipe when mint is ready for a trim 😄). 👉 We have a special offer for Product Hunters: free capsules for one year for every Lilo you buy on our Kickstarter campaign. It's great to be on Product Hunt: please give us your feedbacks/comments! We are Prêt à Pousser, from Paris, and we celebrate the awesomeness of Nature and food!
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Already used the Pret à Pousser kit to grow my own mushrooms and they were delicious :P
@penelopel_ Thank you Penelope and soon, you will have fresh homegrown herbs on your kitchen ;)
I love this kind of products! It's smart, green and elegant. Lilo has been designed by Xavier Houy, who's also behind
@gregoiregilbert yes Xavier did an awesome job! Tech AND design, voilà! ;)
@gregoiregilbert Xavier is also behind the QOOQ tablet
Brillant idea and talented team. I look forward to receiving the Lilo I've ordered from your Kickstarter campaign. I'll never lack tasty herbs to complement the recipes found on Food Tuner. Keep up the good job. :-)
@anneso_special thanx for the good words! Yes pretty soon we'll find home-grown basil, thyme, sage etc. on Food Tuner for everyone's delight!
Great concept guys! It looks like the plants are "pre-packaged" capsules. What types of plants are you starting with? Subscriptions available?