The world’s first electric vertical take-⁠off / landing jet

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#1 Product of the DayApril 22, 2017
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Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiHunterPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
I just love the 'futuristic' look of this jet!
Lee Wynne
Lee Wynne@leewynne · Founder
Fucking hell!
Zalán Józsa
Zalán Józsa@zazaalaza · Entrepreneur
@leewynne well said
Nick Vivion
Nick Vivion@worldli · Director of Content,
The "Get It" button is such a tease for this product! 😍
Noah Henscheid
Noah Henscheid@hirenoah · Solopreneur, Digital Consultant
@worldli bahaha I couldn't agree more.
Suyash Dixit
Suyash Dixit@iamsuyashdixit
Shut up and take all (almost all) my money.
KerryBodle@liquidchickenqq · Founder: Failing Quickly and Often
Unfortunately it's the FAA that's the bottleneck for aviation tech, not the technology itself. As a pilot myself, I can't wait until this, or something like it comes out!
Dale Brose
Dale Brose@dalebthinking
The FAA a bottle neck @liquidchickenqq ? The hell you say. Imagine that!