Get recommendations you love, from people you know.

Likewise gets you recommendations from people you know and trust, instead of relying on the opinions of strangers. Spend your time learning what folks are loving, not weeding through reviews.

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What a era we are in Who funded it is a tag line rather than the feature of the app :P
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@evivz Haha yes! that struck me as odd too
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@evivz Just a way to get attention!
The personal recommends space is a super super tough space to make a living at. To my knowledge, everyone who has tried past approaches to this (such as Gemshare - have failed to gain traction / last. What's different about Likewise, that will enable it to succeed in a space so many others have failed in?
@drewmeyers apparently the value prop is being funded by Bill Gates ; ) but I agree with their approach, recommendations should be from someone you trust.
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@tono_mb The approach makes sense. But the "business" of monetizing information from people you already know/trust is pretty damn hard.
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The product is really nice and I especially like the feature of letting friends track and share their favorite things !!!
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