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Nir, Thanks for hunting us! Really excited to get this out there for everyone to see. We built Likemoji to be a fun and easy platform to help people quickly find exactly what they are looking for and share based on what is uniquely relevant to them. You can rate the things that stood out, post photos, see what your friends think, and best of all, Search using Likemojis! We’re based in Lake Tahoe, CA and just getting started! The app works throughout the US, and we’re hopeful that our early adopter reviews will begin to populate all over and help power search. Really looking forward to getting some feedback from the Product Hunt community so we can turn this into something people really love. Thanks for checking us out!
I think this is a great recommendation app for places nearby! What I love most about it is the fact that you can find out the best bars and restaurants are based on a particular attribute, such as the vibrant atmosphere, nice view or my personal love - good for karaoke! ;) I also find the search function super easy to use. Look forward to seeing this spread!
@peter_ward Thanks Pete! It's great to have your support!
Coming to you from a SNOWY Lake Tahoe, we hope you enjoy using the app! Special thanks to Nir Eyal for all the help! We at Likemoji hate using long-form review sites, they make us sad. Boring, slow, tedious, and largely irrelevant to what the user is searching for, they just don't cut it. We decided to create something much better for users. With the Likemoji platform, our myriad users can find EXACTLY what they're looking for. No more boring reviews from that one person because they "hate that one mustache guy." We only provide meaningful data so our users are better informed, much more quickly. We also offer a fun experience for users to leave quick and meaningful reviews. With a few clicks you can leave a review with real data that goes towards the place's composite, it's not just a one-off written review others may not read. There's a lot more to Likemoji including contests, rewards, and offers, we'd love for you to check out the app. We'll be here for any questions, thanks for taking the time to check out Likemoji!
@ben_cooper1 I have to chime in on this... I wouldn't say I hate long-form reviews.. honestly they can be pretty entertaining at times. But they aren't doing what we need them to do. For decision making, we needed something to synthesize / aggregate social proof so we can quickly make a call. Drilling down through multiple written reviews can take forever to find what's relevant to you and the time it takes to leave the feedback is another barrier. I think long-form will always have it's place, but short-form visual taxonomy and structured data is where it's at for speed, ease of use, and analytics.
Love the variety of emojis and relevance to the concept of rating, far better than the rudimentary star rating system. I can search for a place with the best drinks, the best dinner, or both. I also like how this extends beyond food and drink...
@joshmaher Thanks Josh! We're always looking for suggestions for new Likemojis to add to the system by the way... We started with the dining and entertainment vertical as it seemed the most easily translatable but hope to eventually expand well beyond. Glad you love the app!
Really cool idea guys. A quick simple way to leave descriptive visual reviews and a quick way to search for specific attributes is pretty ingenious. I hadn't really thought the five star system had limitations/issues until seeing this. Nobody is going to leave long text reviews of a place from their mobile phone, but looks like you guys are giving people a way to post just as helpful information with just a few clicks.
@treeder Thanks Travis! The speed and ease of leaving feedback is a huge part of it and it's our hope that we see that more as we scale. Currently we see about 50% of our users leaving reviews, which we attribute to the simplicity vs much lower review frequency on traditional long form review platforms. In my opinion the real value though is powering search. The structured data makes it really easy to find what you care about without spending a bunch of time reading reviews that are irrelevant.