Smart tweets organizer

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Prefer to like tweets to reed them later ?

LikeATop helps you not to loose control over posts you liked!

You can browse favorites posts by date, by user and even more :)

Use "Detect topic" option and your posts will be arranged by categories so you can easily find desired tweet.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Nice! How is this an improvement over Twitter's bookmark function? @roma_german
Roma German
Roma GermanMaker@roma_german · iOS dev
Hi, @abadesi thanks! In bookmarks you can't organize them. Here you can browse favorites by users (if I liked 10 tweets from businessinseder they will be folded into one group) And also I've added feature which could automatically group favorited tweets by their topic ( for example all tweets about DIY will be grouped in one category and all tweets about upcoming sales into another) I think detect topic feature as on of most useful and working to make it smarter