Make your brand’s Instagram account shoppable in 60 seconds

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Happy to answer any questions about Like2Buy! We launched yesterday with brands like Nordstrom, Target, Charlotte Russe, and a few others. The response has been overwhelming.
I have no idea what the service is from the first page of your site. Can you explain
@brelow - I agree with @jai_son_m, I don't understand how exactly Like2Buy functions without either a video demo, some sort of GIF that plays out the process of discovery to purchase, or a clickable link to a live example on Instagram.
@TheRyanRobinson @jai_son_m Hey guys. Thanks for the feedback. We tried to get this launch out the door and one of the items that didn't make the cut was a GIF/video. Will be added next week. Luckily, all the press we've been receiving has done a great job of explaining, so we are seeing a decent conversion rate. Regardless, check out or Both work on desktop. 'Like' their most recent photo and click the link in their bio.
Got it thanks. Its almost like a "Want list" or bookmarking. Interesting
It took me a few minutes as well but I think they are simply creating a mobile storefront for all images uploaded to a your instagram account and making products in the photos purchasable. 1. If you are a brand, you might have to connect your instagram account with an Like2Buy app via OAuth2. 2. Then they might be sourcing all the images from your feed and creating a mobile storefront. 3. The owner of the brand might then need to assign prices etc to make the items purchasable. Apologies in advance if I misunderstood the concept.