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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Creative but the 1-3 second delay to load each GIF kills the experience and I'm not convinced the scrubbing interactivity adds much, tbh.
Murat Mutlu
Co-Founder, @marvelapp
A community for GIFs! You can control playback by moving the mouse over back and forth. Strangely mesmerising, especially the house of cards one
Eric Willis
Working on something new
Another one to add to my gif collection :)
From blog :) "We know; “Internet’s biggest mission was cat gifs.” Internet 1.0 task did successfully so cat gifs in everywhere. Now is the time of Internet 2.0! Now all you’re in control. You can enjoy the new world of Internet 2.0 like a boss, like a DJ, like a gamer. It’s name is You are welcome!" Also, there is an explore page for more yoyo.
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