Like & Liker

Simple, privacy-first Instagram analytics 😻

#4 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2019
Like & Liker:
Analyzes your likes, likers (which user likes you more than others)
Ghost follower, unfollower finder 🕵️
Best time picker for posts 🤖
Instagram score in the league 👑
You are the boss on your data! 🤓
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24 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting us Ahmet Sulek! I’m Zeynep Elif, Founder of Like & Liker Analyzer for Instagram, I have been patiently working on this product with my team for six months. My baby’s birth coincided with Like&Liker’s birth, so this application is so much mean to me. It is like my second baby 😍 If you have any opinion please feel free to let me know. I am looking for your feedback about my newborn baby. Sincerely!
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I like the Top Likers List feature.
@volcanioo Thanks a lot and really happy you enjoy using our product :)
Congratulations. The login feature with Instagram is great and made me feel safe :)
@e2d3m thank you for your feedback 👍 We are using directly Instagram's login.
So happy to be a part of this awesome team!
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