A simple tool for creating native iOS apps on Mac 💻 📲

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2018

Lightwell is a powerful creation tool for artists, designers, and developers. Build, prototype and publish your own native iOS app without writing code.

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I’ve been following Suzanne and her team since they released their first interactive story app on the App Store. Now with Lightwell, they are changing the app creation process for all artists and storytellers. Lightwell is a Mac app for creatives to make iOS apps that export to Xcode. It is simple, yet powerful — and I can’t wait for you to try it out. Give them some PH love and let’s create a new world of content! 👍
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Thanks for the hunt @alexisohanian and hi everyone! We’re super excited to launch on PH today and hear what you think! 🚀 We started building apps six years ago, and created an interactive 8-book app series called “The Adventures of Pan.” Each app took us 9 months to create from start to finish, and we came to a realization: that building apps should be easy (at least easier than it was)! Thus, Lightwell was born. It was developed in-house to help us streamline the process of app creation, and the same app that took us 9 months was rebuilt in Lightwell in 2 weeks. Over the last few months, we’ve worked closely with a bunch of creators to understand how to make Lightwell an even more useful and powerful tool for them. We’re happy to share Lightwell 3.0 with the PH community today, and can’t wait to see what you create! ✨ A couple of key features we’re proud of: Completely redesigned interface for easier creation Auto image conversion and scaling Master scene templates for faster creation Rapid previewing and prototyping with a companion iOS app Optimized asset management, for all iOS devices and screens Auto phoneme lip sync calculation Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share interviews and stories of creators who are creating their first app in Lightwell, and engaging with their audience in an entirely new way. Feel free to follow our Medium page for more updates: 💌 --- As a thank you for joining us on our PH launch today, please use a code “PH50” for 50% off the first year or first three months of Lightwell, for this week only! --- We’ll be here to answer questions all day 👋 Suzanne, Max, Mike, Ben, Miles
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@alexisohanian @suzannexie I want to hold off purchase until you have sketch support (haven't used photoshop in years), but I don't want lose the 50% off. Do you have a public roadmap for Sketch integration (or other features)?
Glad to see Lightwell here again, love the design of the website! Thanks for the promo code :)
@ovidiutepes thanks Tepes! Would love to hear what you think when you try it. :)
@ovidiutepes Thank you! @benjamingage designed the site, and I coded it up. What do you think of the new software design?
Congrats Suzanne! Been waiting for the release to power storytellers everywhere to build interactive stories without writing code!
@rickyyean Thanks Ricky!
I worked directly with this team during my time helping at the Techstars NYC program, and, for sure, they are among the smartest, most tenacious, and team-centric innovators I know -- they are doing something awesome with core technology on this one, and it is a gift to creatives everywhere. Happy to see it up on PH and looking forward to big things coming up!
@jmlynn7 that's definitely been my impression of the team since I've started working here 😃 anything in particular that you're looking forward to?
@jmlynn7 you know how to make a team 😊 ! We loved working with you too, those were fun times. Super excited to bring this internal tool to all creators! cc @alexiskold
Aww shucks @jmlynn7 😅 Thanks for the shout out! We've been taking all of our learnings from our own app creation process and a whole bunch of other artists and have been putting it into Lightwell 🤓 We'd love to know what you think of the new version!
Great job!! Creative app!! 😊 would love for anwindoes version too ?
@ayush_chandra thanks for the support! We are looking into bringing Lightwell onto more platforms, both to use and to publish onto. Chromebook is next in line and will be coming soon!
@ayush_chandra I'm glad you like it :) Windows would be a great platform to bring Lightwell over to. Do you primarily use an iOS or Android phone?