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I think the product description should be: "Make mobile games without writing code" rather than "apps"
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@thinkinpixels well, from what i can tell, you can make either apps or games, it just depends on how you use it
@thinkinpixels Absolutely, my initial intent to open the listing was to check out the development on business apps.
@thinkinpixels Hi Paul! You can build any type of interactive, animated app in Lightwell (interactive stories, comics, games, etc). The power is in creating it through a visual GUI instead of in code. Would love to hear what you think if you try it. Thanks!
@suzannexie got it, in that case I would maybe look at the message of your site. Seems like a powerful tool, from the homepages I think app developers would be put off thinking it was a gaming tool (like me) :)
Looks great! Is there somewhere to see examples of what others have built with Lightwell?
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@jespersiger For now, you can see some examples and templates here: https://lightwell.pro/product/re... (We'll add more examples soon! In the meantime, you can look up "Hullabalu" apps in the App Store to see what's possible with Lightwell).
This looks incredible!!!!!
@eboy Thanks Eric! would love to see your work come to life in Lightwell -- email me suzanne@lightwell.pro and we'll get you set up.
yeah im sick of this build an X without code...it's not the same
@cbanowsky the low-code/no-code movement is not going to stop. However, as someone who is building a business helping others realize THEY CAN build stuff without code, at my root, I am making certain it is clearly understood that we (low-cod/no-code builders/creators) can't build stuff without tools written by those who DO write code. In other words; There is NO replacement for software engineers. There is only a shift due to what can be assembled with low-cod/no-code tools (even if the resulting product is "not the same" as custom software.) We don't exist without you. But I don't see an end to the shift.
@jimcanto agree with you on this one actually. I do like seeing people more active in technology (generally) I just see this shift in a fundamental understanding of scope and by having such a movement people's expectations of what they deem intangible (software), the bar will be lowered not raised for developers and engineers unless they want to enter this specific space.
Looks promising