Wireless, drag & drop coding with AR that's actually useful

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Joe Lau
Joe Lau@thejoelau · Co-founder, OMG
As a CS major in college, circuits felt so intimidating (hardware! resistors! voltages?!) I feel like I need this even now! ;) Would've loved to have this as a kid!
Nikil@nikilster · Co-Founder, Down To Lunch
This is super cool! The cs person in me thinks hardware is so freaking awesome (as I usually live in software) and I love how this makes hardware accessible for people who are young and new to everything. Rock on guys!!!
Erik Finman
Erik FinmanHunter@erikfinman · Founder of Finman Technologies
My Friends @joshchan & @tarunpondicherr made this while I was working out of StartX! I actually helped out at a Tech Learning Day for kids and I saw all the kids actually LEARNING and interested about circuitry and engineering. I was getting teary eyed because I was so happy. I remember growing up in rural Idaho where I didn't have these resources or these tech learning days and I had to create my own. I'm lucky I had parents who were engineers but that's not the case with most families. I really see these kits being as or more successful than Kano Kits. I know this may be cheesy to say, but I think LightUp will inspire a generation of engineers and we'll finally make that Iron Man suit! I hope you support them, I did! They're awesome people with an awesome vision. p.s. Check out their video:
Min Ming Lo
Min Ming Lo@lominming · Co-Founder, Pixelapse
The bluetooth wireless module makes coding possible on my iPad! I wished I could learn programming and circuits this way back in elementary school!
Tarun Pondicherry
Tarun PondicherryMaker@tarunpondicherr
Thanks for the love guys! We're stoked that kids have made 100,000 circuits with LightUp so far and excited for the possibilities when combined with drag-and-drop coding.