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Stu Grubbs
@stugrubbs · Founder & CEO at Lightstream
Hi everyone! We are pretty excited to be up here today :) It’s been a long road. From almost losing my apartment, going through Techstars, our raise, rebuilding our entire technology late last year for huge improvements, and just recently to changing our name. There are more places than ever to show off your content. We are building better and more intuiti… See more
Dan Willoughby
@danrwilloughby · Program Manager, Techstars Chicago
Congrats to Stu and the entire Lightstream team! You've had an incredible journey to get this far and built an amazing product. Looking forward to seeing what's next..
Adam Lieb
@adamslieb · Founder/CEO @ Innervate
Congrats Stu + team. We work with thousands of streamers every week and constantly hear about the "pains" of broadcasting. One of the biggest issues is some of the crappy/legacy software that plagues the industry. Super excited for what LIghtstream is doing (love the rebrand btw)to democratize, simplify, and lower the burden of becoming a professional broadc… See more
José Luis Pérez
@joseleperez · Hooks
Been using Lightstream Beta for months and its simply amazing. Saved $$$ in streaming hardware. Thanks for your great work.
Mark "Clive" Svetik
@clivestream · Founder of CharityLiveStream.com
Love using Lightstream for the weekly updates on CLS. Easy to transition the text for the day to day updates and it looks smooth on the viewer side too. Awesome job guys and keep up the great work!