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Hi everyone! We are pretty excited to be up here today :) It’s been a long road. From almost losing my apartment, going through Techstars, our raise, rebuilding our entire technology late last year for huge improvements, and just recently to changing our name. There are more places than ever to show off your content. We are building better and more intuitive tools for live video creators. **TL;DR** Lightstream is the easiest way to stream your games or anything else you love to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Beam. Think Google Docs for live video production. No technical wizardry and absolutely free. Long version: A beautiful, intuitive, drag-n-drop broadcast studio in your browser that makes it easy for anyone to become a streamer. Start a simple stream with no downloads required. When you’re ready, install our local client for more powerful features. Login with your platform account, link your PC or Mac, drag-n-drop your assets (webcam, art overlays, display feeds, scenes, more), and then click “Go Live”. Features: * 720p + 30/60 FPS Support (1080p coming this year) * Low CPU requirements * Add graphics and multiple scenes * Stream to your favorite platform (Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, & Beam) * Remote sources: Import your guest’s webcam(s) or gameplay right into your own stream * Live chat support: Get answers to your technical needs right away Because we utilize the cloud, you can collaborate remotely to stream together with multiple cameras or game views from anywhere. Remotely edit, direct, or produce. Your entire setup is also always backed up so you can access from anywhere. Our small team is based in Chicago with a couple others in Austin & LA. We have had a humbling year to get here. Our mission is to empower more storytellers and grow the communities in which they tell them. Excited to answer any and all questions!
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@stugrubbs does this support 360 video though ?
@stugrubbs Any ETA , would be awesome to have this implemented.
Congrats to Stu and the entire Lightstream team! You've had an incredible journey to get this far and built an amazing product. Looking forward to seeing what's next..
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@danrwilloughby You and so many others at Techstars play a huge role in our continued success <3
Congrats Stu + team. We work with thousands of streamers every week and constantly hear about the "pains" of broadcasting. One of the biggest issues is some of the crappy/legacy software that plagues the industry. Super excited for what LIghtstream is doing (love the rebrand btw)to democratize, simplify, and lower the burden of becoming a professional broadcaster.
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@adamslieb High praise! Thank you very much
Been using Lightstream Beta for months and its simply amazing. Saved $$$ in streaming hardware. Thanks for your great work.
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@joseleperez Glad we could help!
Love using Lightstream for the weekly updates on CLS. Easy to transition the text for the day to day updates and it looks smooth on the viewer side too. Awesome job guys and keep up the great work!
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@clivestream So glad we are able to help the causes!